For many, the filing of a Divorce Decree provides closure and mental relief.  However, the journey doesn’t stop there.  After receipt of your Divorce Decree, you may still need to take affirmative steps to protect your rights and interests moving forward.  This is just another reason, among the list of many, why choosing an experienced family lawyer is so important.  

Below is a sample list of items that should be resolved post receipt of the Divorce Decree.
* Resumption of your maiden name.  In Pennsylvania, obtaining a name change back to your maiden name is simplified when a Divorce Decree is issued but you must still take affirmative steps to achieve this result. 

* Changing your beneficiaries.  You should immediately contact all respective service providers of any insurance, retirement accounts, annuities, etc., to ensure that your ex-spouse is no longer listed as your beneficiary.  

* Drafting a new Last Will & Testament.  Post-Divorce, any spousal bequests will be ignored.  This may cause unintended consequences.  To avoid any unwanted results, you should take the time to prepare and execute a new Will. 

* Modifying your custodial arrangement. If it’s by agreement, I always recommend that my clients simply move along by agreement. It’s perfectly legal to mutually alter the terms of the custody agreement to fit your respective schedules and/or preferences. 

* Modifying our Child Support.  In the event that yours or your spouses financial situation has changed, I recommend that you file a Petition to Modify with the Court.  The filing date will presumptively become the effective date of any future child support orders.  Your failure to file may cause you to lose out on substantial amounts of support.

* Failure to Adhere to a Property Settlement Agreement.  If your spouse is not honoring all of the terms of your PSA, contact your attorney immediately.  Sometimes even just a simple letter will facilitate compliance.  In addition, failure to enforce your rights may lead to further transgressions by your spouse. 

This list is not meant to be exclusive, rather a sampling of consequential issues that may arise, or need to be resolved, post-divorce.  If you need a family lawyer that will guide you through the entire divorce process from initial consult to ensuring your rights and interests are protected post-divorce, please do not hesitate to contact my office today to schedule a consultation. 

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