Many couples may be apprehensive to discuss a pre-nuptial agreement.  After all, discussing the potential of dissolution of a marriage prior to the start of one can often be met with resistance.  However, a pre-nuptial agreement is designed to save litigation time and costs in the event of a divorce. Pre-nuptial agreements, if drafted correctly, can offer peace of mind, clarity, and security. The primary purpose of a pre-nuptial agreement is to control how certain financial matters will be dealt with during marriage, upon death, and in the event of a divorce.  

Pennsylvania law regarding prenuptial agreements is complex, and navigating the law requires experience and attention to detail. Pre-nuptial agreements must meet many requirements to be valid and we use precision, experience and care to ensure these requirements are met.  

A pre-nuptial agreement will be specifically tailored to your unique set of circumstances. The document will generally aim to identify property brought into the marriage; control how income acquired during the marriage will be treated; and manage separate properties such as property acquired by each spouse prior to the marriage. Pre-nuptial agreements may also include provisions for the division of debt, division of real property, medical coverage, life insurance, and the payment of alimony upon dissolution. 

Brandon regularly drafts pre-nuptial agreements while utilizing his vast experience and knowledge.  Furthermore, he understands the sensitive nature of these negotiations and is skilled at protecting his clients’ interests while still protecting the relationship.  In addition to drafting pre-nuptial agreements, Brandon regularly reviews and discusses proposed pre-nuptial agreements provided by your fiancé and his or her representative.    

Brandon represents clients in their pre-nuptial agreements in Philadelphia County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Bucks County, Chester County and Southern New Jersey. If you are in need of an experienced, knowledgeable and intelligent lawyer to draft and/or review a pre-nuptial agreement, do not hesitate to contact Brandon. He understands that family law issues require a level of compassion and personal attention that goes beyond that expected in other areas of law. Brandon is prepared to offer you the level of care that you deserve and will be the matrimonial attorney you can trust.